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Ultrabolizer Mega Octane is a product designed to give you energy and help you build lean, healthy, attractive muscle mass. Ultrabolizer Mega Octane has many ingredients commonly used by body builders prior to workouts. Have you ever wondered where ants get thier ability to lift up to 400 times thier own weight? Or even better, did you know they can pull up to 1700 times thier own weight? We wondered and discovered a few things about ants. Powered ant is commonly used in Chinese herbal medicine to help strengthen the body and to provide longevity. We found this fascinating and did some reasearch. After much searching we discovered the amazing potential of Polyrachis.

Polyrachis is actually a genus of large black and red ants which are indigenous to China's highlands andalso to Tibet. The qualities of this ingredient are innumerable. It is extremely rich in zinc, iron, vitamins B, E and amino acids among other things. It also has ATP, this is a substance which is carriera of energy to each of our cells. Polyrachis can also increases the production of DNA, regenerates cells and has a stronger tonic action than gingseng. Polyrachis is all natural. It DOES NOT CONTAIN hormones and is absolutely free of synthetic chemicals.

Ultrabolizer Mega Octane is a powerful energy booster. It can help you build the lean muscle mass you have been working for. As a plus, it can help you lose body fat in a natural way. You can also control and eliminate the excess fluids in your body.

Key Benefits Include:

-Support Healthy Metabolism
-Increase Endurance
-Reduces cravings
-Improve Blood Flow to Muscles
-Improve Mental Focus and Concentration
-Increase Lean Body Mass

Directions: For the FIRST WEEK, Take 1 capsule in the morning with your first meal. In the SECOND week you can increase to a second capsule with your lunch. DO NOT take this product after 3 PM. DO NOT exceed the recommended dosage.

This product has 28 ingredients:

Herbal Blend Olax, Caffeine, Kole Nut Extract, Royal Jelly, Guarana, Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Suberian Ginseng.



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